Elizabeth Frank Joins the Gallery Program

Tansey Contemporary is pleased to introduce Arizona based artist Elizabeth Frank to our Santa Fe, New Mexico gallery program. A skilled wood carver, Frank explores the intricate relationship between man and nature through her work with an underlying concern for the environment.

Each piece begins with fallen aspen branches she gathers from the forests of the Southwestern United States each year. “Each visit to the forest is like a pilgrimage. Every time I return I’m inspired by the strength and the delicacy of the natural world,” Frank explains. 
She dries, cuts and shapes the branches with a band saw, carving each piece in small components that she joins together with pegs and nails. Surfaces are often painted with acrylic, metal leaf and wax and she combines her carvings with a wide variety of found objects to complete them.

Frank earned her fine arts degree from Arizona State University then continued her education with studies in Spanish and sculpture in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, tinsmithing in New Mexico, and private instruction in torch forming glass. Her carving style is simple, inspired by iconic images found in folk, tribal and primitive art and communicating themes that are personal yet universal.

Frank’s latest works are currently on view at Tansey Contemporary at 652 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, and can also be viewed here.