Tansey Contemporary is pleased to present “The Sound Between Line and Color”, a solo exhibition of new work from abstract artist Krista Harris, on view at 652 Canyon Road, Santa Fe NM July 1- July 10, 2016.


Krista’s latest body of work incorporates new materials and processes producing rich, textured surfaces. It pulls at the thread of synesthesia, exploring sound made visible with line and color.


"Our lives are constantly bombarded by sound, whether we are aware of it or not. A dripping faucet, rustling leaves, lawnmowers, the dinging of our phones, music, news, sirens, birdcalls, and particularly wind, rain and snow...sounds of climate change. I'm very curious about how we filter information and how that influences what we say and see and do. That soundtrack of our daily lives is unique to each of us. It not only varies from person to person but even minute to minute in each person," Krista explains.


Audible input provides Krista’s starting point and from there she surrenders to the nonobjective painting process, where discovery and execution happen simultaneously. She explores opposing forces of gestural, organic marks and structural architectural shapes, of opacity and transparency, restlessness and stillness, using materials and experimentation that are fundamental to the finished piece. Including thicker areas of plaster and stains integrated with transparent passages and matte black marks and shapes.


“I need to feel that anything is possible with each new piece and when it comes to materials anything is fair game if it helps me tell the story.”


Now located in southwest Colorado, Krista is a full time modernist painter with work in numerous national and international public and private collections. Her work, while rooted in the abstract expressionist tradition, embraces a style that is uniquely her own. Elegantly composed and delicately balanced, it has a mesmerizing quality. Shapes and line appear to morph in and out of focus, colors shift like seasons, and subtle imagery whispers beneath the surface. 


Join us for the opening reception Friday July 1, 5-7pm. The artist will be present.


For additional information and images, please contact Tilly Badham at tilly@tanseycontemporary.com