Tansey Contemporary Brings Brian Russell to Santa Fe

Tansey Contemporary is proud to announce an upcoming exhibition of work from Brian Russell at their new Sculpture Center on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.  Russell, well into his career and having mastered the craft of metal forging, was driven to incorporate color into his work. Years of experimentation and internationally conducted research led him to developing his own glass casting technique and the current manifestation of his artistic vision; a beautiful fusion of forged metals and cast glass.


"Continuum", will showcase Russell's impressive repertoire, which includes both large, outdoor works, (which will be installed in the Tansey Contemporary Sculpture Garden) and smaller scale works, (which will be shown inside the Sculpture Center’s onsite gallery building). Russell will attend the opening on May 22nd, from 5-7pm and speak to members of the New Mexico Glass Alliance on Saturday, May 23rd at 10am.




Russell views sculpture as a fundamentally vital element in our visual environment. “The creation of objects that exist in three dimensions whose purpose is to stimulate reflection, meditation, awe and amusement is as unique to humans as it is ancient,” Russell explains, “My aim on a public scale is to involve the viewer, to interject into the world points of beauty, interest and spontaneity.  I want people to use my sculpture as an excuse to mentally shift to another level of consciousness, above their daily concerns, even for a moment, and to reconnect with themselves.”