On April 24th, Tansey Contemporary will inaugurate the opening of its second gallery space in Santa Fe, the Tansey Contemporary Sculpture Center, to facilitate the continued expansion of sculpture within its program.The opening will also bring the Global Code project, a collaborative initiative exploring the evolution of communication through art, to Santa Fe. Founded by sculptor Gino Miles, the project engages youth with art as a means of communication that continues to evolve and provides a dynamic, engaging outlet for self-expression. Through collaboration with established community-based organizations, the project engages youth in hands on experiences with art and introduces them to professional artists who are making an impact through their work.  Miles’ vision for the project came while creating a series of sculptures based on the forms (dots and dashes) used to communicate in Morse code. Recent project events, also sponsored by Tansey Contemporary, have been hosted in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District at Art Wynwood and in Los Angeles at the LA Art Show.  On April 24th from 5-7 pm, local artists and children will paint collaborative murals on a series of aluminum panels, custom built to complement Miles’ Morse code inspired works, adding to the “conversation” he started through the body of work as a whole. Proceeds from sale of Miles’ works in the show, which runs through May 13th, will benefit ArtSmart New Mexico, a non-profit organization that provides instruction in the visual arts, subsidizes student art programs and provides art materials and scholarships for northern New Mexico youth.

Miles’ Morse code-based works are also part of the inaugural exhibition for the Tansey Contemporary Sculpture Center entitled “Art Speaks”.  The exhibition itself was conceived in honor of Miles’ vision for the Global Code Project, showcasing work from young artists who have found their own voice through their artwork and rely on their work to communicate complex and powerful messages -- at both a personal and cultural level.  Artists include local Santa Fe sculptor, Clea Carlsen, who’s ceramic works embody the struggles of being an “imperfect human in a culture that demands perfection,” as Clea explains.   Calvin Ma creates ceramic action figure based sculptures. Ma has struggled with social anxiety since childhood, and uses his artwork to communicate those struggles in a meaningful way. Patrick McGrath Muniz’s paintings utilize traditional techniques to communicate his experience of the modern information age.  The desire to communicate is complex, unique and ever evolving. From cave paintings to street art, humans have always been instinctively driven to communicate artistically. “Art Speaks”, like the Global Code Project, explores the communicative power that art offers as a means of self-expression.