"The Sound Between Line and Color"
"I began focusing on the work for this exhibition about six or seven months ago. I was experimenting with some new materials, combining pigments, mediums and additives that would give me more depth and help me tell the story behind each one. That experimental process keeps me engaged and off-balance. I like getting lost along the way, it's often where the discoveries take place.I've been incorporating line and color into most of my work for many years and it's often the line that helps me find my way. The color and passages of paint provide the background... the smells and sounds of each painting. The finished pieces often feel to me like a favorite map that's been faded and folded or torn and taped back together again.
The exhibition's title is a reflection of that process and I hope gives just a glimpse behind the scene. I'm very excited to see them hanging all together."

Krista Harris