"The Sky is the Water"

"I’ve never thought so much before about the influence of place as much as this past year having moved from New York City, a bustling metropolis, to Santa Fe NM, the Land of Enchantment. Much of the pattern rhythm and grid like patterns in my previous works were clearly reflective of my city life though my love for nature and art certainly was always evident as well.


Since making the drastic move from the northeast to the southwest, there has definitely been a shift in ideas, palettes, forms, and rhythms. Many asked me would I miss the water. The rivers and oceans, have been replaced with the most beautiful skies I have ever seen, thus, The Sky is the water. Santa Fe draws many people here for its colorful expansive and jaw dropping skies. I am constantly awed by the sunsets, cloud forms, and starry nights. This has been the inspiration for my upcoming Show in August 2016 at Tansey Contemporary, “ The Sky is the Water”.  The beauty here in both landscape and sky has also inspired me to want to paint again which I haven’t done in years. There is so much to express and don’t want to be limited by materials. I also never had the space and time to focus on more than one material in my busy NYC lifestyle. And so the colors, the forms the wildlife and the magic will be my inspiration no doubt for years to come. That doesn’t mean you leave your past behind. The urban life and surroundings are forever ingrained in me and will continue to be reflected in my work. A blending of two very different worlds and lives will permeate my creativity and am glad and grateful for the inspiration of both."