Frank Buffalo Hyde

"Communication between cultures has always been wrought with misconceptions. Native Americans have achieved the mythological status of Bigfoot. Many areas of the United States and the world operate on the assumption that there are no "Indians" left. So when they finally do wrap their heads around the continuity of indigenous people they immediately gravitate towards the cliche images of romanticized idioms of the "Noble" savage or New Age mysticism.


The fact is that, We exist, and are influenced by the same popular culture crazes as everyone else. We have the same celebrity worship, brand loyalty and consumer mentality as the rest of America with one major difference: Our culture has been commodified. We have become a polarizing symbol of identity; everyone wants to claim the ancestry cosmetically but no one wants to promote positive advance of the culture.


My work exists in the spaces in between my cultural identity and “The Dominant Cultures” idea of identity. Sometimes it's a bridge and at other times that bridge is on fire. It is the intentional exploration of pop culture images they are deliberate and function on many different levels. Composition and content in symbiosis and the final flurry, the title offers the finishing touch and I hint as to the paintings content. I believe that art should do something."


Image Caption: BUFFALO FIELDS FOREVER- THE MORNING PAPER FOR PRINCE RIP, Frank Buffalo Hyde, Acrylic on canvas, 48" x 48", Price on request