Born in Port Arthur, Texas, Chris Hill grew up in North Mississippi and lived in Chicago, Illinois before relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico. He studied design and graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago where he also taught digital design for many years.


Hill creates steel sculptures that fuse painting and sculpture with a designer’s eye. Incorporating abstract geometric shapes, he explores the interplay of color, line, form, and volume. He says, “Hand-painted color has always been a crucial part of the process, with visible brushstrokes humanizing the hard steel surface…” He first learned to weld at age 18 through Tennessee Valley Authority’s Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant’s apprentice program. While the program was cancelled, it sparked his passion for metalworking. However, it wasn’t until 1990 that he resumed his metal work. His art ranges in scale from 17 inches to seven feet with depths as great as 12 inches to explore the effect scale has on his exploration of 

color and medium.


Hill’s influences from art history include Modernism, Cubism, Constructivism, and Minimalism as he blurs the boundaries between two- and three-dimensionality. He also takes inspiration from cityscapes, landscapes, and nature. His color palette pulls from his travels as far-flung as Tallinn, Estonia to Valparaiso, Chile; Porto, Portugal to Rotorua, New Zealand. Playing with depth and perception, his works offer viewers a variety of experiences from multiple vantage points where volumes and angles disconnect and reconnect as the viewer changes position.


He has exhibited at SOFA Chicago, Art New York, Art Miami, Art Chicago, Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary, Art Palm Beach, The LA Art Show, and Expo Chicago. His work is held in public and private collections worldwide.