With modernism as a starting point, my sculptures are a contemporary rendering that welds together underlying influence of cubism, constructivism & minimalism.


Using steel as the core medium I’ve been creating sculptures for over 20 years that fuse painting and sculpture. Incorporating abstract geometric shapes, I explore the interplay of color, line, form, and volume. Hand painted color has always been a crucial part of the process, with visible brush strokes humanizing the hard steel surface which is transformed into a hard-to-classify medium.


After graduating from design school in Chicago I found myself again yearning to explore the artistic opportunities afforded by steel that I had first experienced when I learned to weld at age 18.


With pieces ranging in height from 17 inches to nearly 7 feet and with depths as great as 12 inches, I have created works in a variety of sizes to examine the affect scale has on my exploration of color and medium.


While continuing to blur the barriers between 2 dimensional painting and the third dimension, my work is constantly evolving with inspiration coming from cityscapes, landscapes, shapes and forms found in nature.


It’s my goal to offer the observer a variety of experiences when viewing my work from different vantage points where volumes and angles disconnect and re-connect as one moves around them.